Dream Big – A Video Documentary

Dream Big is a short video documentary produced by ECG Productions that provides insight into the life experiences that have paved the way to me becoming the politician that I am today. I share my experience as a first-generation immigrant from Hong Kong, finding my calling, and overcoming various hurdles that have taught me resilience and perseverance. As a local politician and Councillor, I continue to reaffirm my commitment to youth, representing my community, and one of my biggest community projects – the development of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

Over the past year, the COVID-19 global pandemic heavily impacted the community and the world. As a result, government and business around the world adapted to pandemic needs and developed online services to provide extended assistance to the community. I am proud to say the City of Vaughan adapted as did the rest of the world, continuing to provide uninterrupted services to all our residents.

Take a peek into my life as I introduce my family, my challenges and my passions, all of which helped me to achieve my goals.