The YMCA of Greater Toronto – New VMC Flagship Location Opening Soon

I was fortunate enough to participate in a tour of the soon-to-be opened 77,000 square foot YMCA of Greater Toronto facility located in the PwC-YMCA Tower, and wanted to share some highlights from my visit.

The PwC-YMCA Tower will serve a number of uses and house a number of tenants which will make up the 220,000 square foot complex, including:

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) – 80,000 square feet
  • YMCA of Greater Toronto – 77,000 square feet
  • The City of Vaughan – 32,000 square feet
  • Scotiabank – 26,500 square feet

During my visit, I met with YMCA of Greater Toronto representatives who led an informative tour of the facility. Although the interior was still under construction, I am able to envision how attractive and functional it will be once completed. The project is moving along smoothly and the projected opening date is within 2020.

The YMCA of Greater Toronto is a reputable 165-year-old charity, and I am pleased to welcome them to the VMC! The new YMCA facility will include:

  • A full-size gymnasium
  • Two swimming pools
  • Whirlpools and saunas
  • Multi-purpose fitness studios
  • A conditioning and weight room
  • Licensed child care facilities
  • Flexible multi-purpose recreation spaces
  • A roof-top terrace

In addition to the YMCA space, the City of Vaughan will house a new VMC Library in the building and a flexible recreation space with a kitchen for community programming and event hosting. Below are some photos taken during my recent visit.

Outside of the new PwC-YMCA Building

The VMC Library

The Hydraulic Pool

The Accessible Pool

The Fitness Studio

A Flexible Recreation Space

The Child Care Area

The Roof Top Terrace

The Second Floor View Looking South to Transit Square

I am very pleased with how far this project has come and I look forward to it’s completion in the near future! This YMCA facility will prove to be an important part of the VMC, and act as a valuable community hub providing countless recreational and social services and amenities for the citizens of Vaughan.

Project updates will be provided to the public as they become available.

For more information on this project and to learn more about the services offered by the YMCA of Greater Toronto, please visit here.