The City’s Annual 20-Minute Makeover Event is a Successful Example of Environmental Stewardship

In honor of Earth Day on April 25, the City of Vaughan hosted the 20-Minute Makeover at Forest Run Public School. In 2018, more than 17,600 people participated across the city, cleaning up local school yards, parks, trails, green spaces, backyards, boulevards and around their local Canada Post mailboxes.

I want to thank faculty and administration of the school for their efforts in educating and engaging students in waste reduction, recycling and sustainability. I would also like to acknowledge the students, volunteers and eco-monitors who generously offered their time to make this 20-minute make over event successful.

As a City, we are continuously working together to create a healthier and more environmentally sustainable community for current and future generations. The City is actively engaged in numerous events, including Earth Hour and Curbside Giveaway, that educate our residents about the positive impact of maintaining a green community. The City has planted more than 22,000 trees as part of the City’s tree replacement plan, and we recently opened the 900-acre North Maple Regional Park.

Our City has a remarkable record to be proud of and together, we are safeguarding a healthier, greener environment that will elevate the quality of life for all of Vaughan. Thank you for your commitment to greener communities in Vaughan!