Since 2007, the City of Vaughan has conducted citizen satisfaction surveys to gather input from residents on quality of life, delivery of City services, use of tax dollars, and communications and digital services. The results will assist the City in identifying key trends and issues of importance in continuing to strive for service excellence.

Quality of Life

Residents rate the overall quality of life as very high (97% say “very good” or “good”) and ratings are consistent with levels recorded since 2011. Quality of life ratings in the City of Vaughan are similar to the national norm (96% vs 97%, respectively).

Q. What is the Citizen Satisfaction Survey?

A. The Citizen Satisfaction Survey is used to gather input from residents on quality of life, delivery of City services, use of tax dollars, and communications and digital services. The City of Vaughan values the feedback and opinions of its residents and that data contributes to measuring the impact of City services, service delivery improvement and future planning initiatives.

Q. Why does the City conduct the survey?

Cities are inherently dynamic. Vaughan conducts citizen satisfaction surveys to understand the evolving needs and desires of the growing community. By maintaining a consistent pulse on the city’s inevitable shifts and developments, Vaughan can continue to improve upon and deliver service excellence. Conducting citizen satisfaction surveys is also an effective way to examine the City’s performance in comparison to the national norm and see how Vaughan’s service offering and delivery measures up to other municipalities.

Q. How is the survey conducted?

A third-party agency conducts about 800 random surveys that are weighted based on age, gender and ward within Vaughan to match the general population of the city based on most recent Census data. The survey is conducted using both random digit dial telephone and online data collection methodology.  

Satisfaction with City services remains high- 90% of residents are satisfied with the delivery of the services provided by the City. The 2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey scores fire services, local public libraries, recreation and fitness facilities, and service programs (to name a few) to be higher than the national norm.

Some of the key findings from the focus groups include:
1. Most participants live in Vaughan and consider it a nice place to live, with a higher quality of life than other municipalities in the GTA.
2. Many participants identified Vaughan’s population growth as a real opportunity for local businesses.
3. Some participants identified that improving transit has been a recent priority for the city, and believe the TTC subway stops will improve outlook for business in the city
4. An opportunity to further support local businesses through transportation was identified as reducing traffic or congestion in the city
5. Local entrepreneurs are keenly seeking opportunities to network, collaborate, and support each other.

Businesses in Vaughan:

  • Feel the city provides a good quality of life
  • Are satisfied with the services they receive
  • Recognize that the city’s priorities are making improvements, and offered feedback that would improve their operations.