Vaughan Ranks First Place in 2017 York Region Employment Survey!

The York Region Employment Survey is an annual Region-wide, door-to-door, survey of all businesses with a physical presence in the Region (including home and farm based businesses that may participate optionally online). The survey is intended to monitor the location and characteristics of businesses within York Region by collecting business details, including: company name, address, business activity and number of employees. This information is used to monitor local economic trends, analyze and promote local business sectors, identify emerging clusters and economies, form business attraction and retention strategies. This information is then used (in part) to forecast service and infrastructure requirements, such as transit, water and wastewater, and Vaughan’s employment zones.

York Region is composed of nine municipalities: Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Aurora, Whitchchurch-Stouffville, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, and King. As you know, the City of Vaughan is one of the most dynamic and single fastest growing municipalities in all of Ontario. Lets take a look at Vaughan’s rankings in comparison to these other municipalities.


  • The City of Vaughan is the largest employment center in York Region, accounting for over 38% of the total regional employment (218,020) and over 35% of the total regional businesses (11,950) surveyed
  • Since 1998, over 98,000 jobs have been added to Vaughan’s employment base
  • 218,020 jobs were reported in Vaughan based businesses, representing a growth rate of 3.9% from 2016. (where an additional 8,210 jobs were created)
  • Since 2007, the average employment growth rate in Vaughan is 3.5%, and average business growth is 2.9%
  • Since 2007, full-time employment within Vaughan based businesses grew by over 34,500 jobs, and accounted for almost 71% of the City’s employment. Part-time employment growth has remained relatively stable at almost 15%, and contract/seasonal /temporary employment grew to 14% in 2017
  • The number of surveyed businesses has grown by 33% or 2,960 businesses since 2007. Small firms (1-19 employees) comprise the largest share of businesses in Vaughan, accounting for 81% of total businesses in 2017. Data received from the 2016 Census also reinforces the prominence of the small business market in Vaughan; that is, 15.2% if the labour force within the City reported being self-employed.


Based on the survey findings, manufacturing, construction and retail trade remained the strongest industries in Vaughan, and held the largest share of employment in 2017 accounting for almost half of all the employment within the City of Vaughan. Since 2007, the construction sector experienced the highest employment growth realizing more than 11,000 jobs, followed by the retail trade sector at nearly 7,800 jobs. Service-oriented jobs accounted for 65% of all employment in the City while the remaining 35% of all jobs fall within the goods-producing industries which includes manufacturing, construction mining, oil and utilities sector.


Since 2007, there has been an increase of 2,964 businesses in Vaughan from 8,986 to 11,950, or an increase of 2.9% in business growth. Average annual business growth in the City of Vaughan was the highest among all nine municipalities within York Region. In 2017, businesses located in the City of Vaughan employed 218,020 employees. Vaughan is the largest employment center within York Region, accounting for over 38% of all surveyed employment, and over 35% of all businesses within York Region.


Based on the results of the 2017 York Region Employment Survey, and the 2016 Census, there is compelling evidence supporting Vaughan as a prime location for existing and future start-up’s, high growth SME’s, and multi-national enterprises. These companies positively contribute to the City’s growth, prosperity and overall standard of living. Economic Development staff shall use this information and analytics to identify economic trends, update marketing collateral, monitor emerging and existing industry clusters. Moreover, this information will be used to assist in business attraction, retention and expansion strategies, and inform employment land plans.


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