Re-Establishing the Urban Tree Canopy in Vaughan

The City of Vaughan has developed a multi-year strategy to rebuild and maintain the urban tree canopy which builds on the previously established annual program to replace trees lost due to regular mortality, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infestation and storm damage. Approval of the 2017 Budget allowed the City to aim to replant approximately 6,500 trees. This represents about five times the normal annual planting volume. The plan includes replacement trees and the removal of stumps which will also help to minimize disruption within the City’s neighbourhoods.


  1. Over 15,000 trees have been planted since 2015 as part of the Tree Replacement Plan
  2. Street pruning is underway with approximately 7,920 trees completed on 165 streets


The Tree Replacement Strategy provides a plan for managing the planting of trees in the City. The strategy includes estimating the number of dead trees, the number of trees to be replanted and the number of brand new trees to be planted in a given year. The activities supporting this objective are on track with no issues identified. The number of trees planted in 2017 was 7,310, which exceeded the target of 7,200, as well as the number planted in 2016. The new trees planted for the City of Vaughan have also removed 394 tonnes of CO2 creating a healthier environment.


Vaughan’s 2018 Tree Planting contract began in May and come to an end in November. In 2017, 7265 trees were planted across the City in which 6701 were street trees and 564 planted through various events. In 2018, 4000 trees will be planted on streets and 1000 will be planted in parks. Due to the Emerald Ash Borer infestation over the years, Horticulture staff are removing all remaining Ash trees and using various tree species to ensure no new trees are infected and to promote the survival rate of newly planted trees.


Some residents may prefer not to wait for the City to replace the tree on the City-owned boulevard in front of their property or they may want a larger tree.
A process is in place to accommodate these requests and is based on meeting the following criteria:
• The location must be approved and prepared by City staff
• Species is selected in accordance with the City’s current diversification mandate
• The resident is responsible for co-ordination, planting and all associated costs
• The normal 12-month warrantee on the tree must be signed over to the City
For more information on this process, download the Application Package.
Planting provisions provide detailed information about tree planting and mulching requirements.


The City does not plant trees on private property. For information and assistance with private tree plantings, we encourage you to check out the Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Urban Forests (LEAF) backyard planting program.
The following are some of the key considerations when selecting a location and tree species:
  • Underground and above ground utilities
  • Wet or dry site
  • Shady or sunny
  • Mature height and shape
  • Tree projected longevity
  • Flowers or fruit
  • Susceptibility to diseases or insects
  • Sensitivity to salt
Here are some more tips on planting your own tree.
The City of Vaughan is involved in many projects that help beautify our city and increase our tree canopy:
Joint Operations Centre
2800 Rutherford Rd.
Vaughan, ON

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