2018 Vaughan Accessibility Fair – Join us on June 6 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at Chancellor Community Centre

2018 Vaughan Accessibility Fair

Join us at the 2018 Vaughan Accessibility Fair on June 6, 2018 at Chancellor Community Centre. The event will take place from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and feature:
  • Accessibility equipment
  • Home modification tips
  • Accessible transportation
  • Accessible technology
  • Vaughan accessibility initiatives and services
  • Accessible fitness demonstrations
  • Blue Jays tickets giveaway
Contact Warren Rupnarain at 908-832-2281 ext. 8641 or email warren.rupnarain@vaughan.ca.

Commitment to Accessibility

The City of Vaughan is committed to treating all people in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. The City believes in integration and fair access for residents, visitors and employees with visible or non-visible disabilities. The City promises to meet the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility, and supporting the goals of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).

Some of the City’s commitments include:

  • The delivery of quality programs and services to all citizens
  • The identification and removal of physical barriers to existing and new facilities
  • The participation of people with disabilities in the development and review of our annual accessibility plans and initiatives
  • The support of ongoing efforts of the Vaughan Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • The implementation of initiatives that continue to make the City an inclusive and he implementation of initiatives that continue to make the City an inclusive and accessible city where people of all abilities have the chance to fully achieve their potential

The goal of creating an accessible community by 2025

Together with residents, the City will ensure Vaughan is fully accessible and barrier-free. Every person with a disability should have:
  • Access to City services, programs and facilities available to the general public
  • The rights to dignity, inclusion, privacy and confidentiality
  • The opportunities to develop life skills through programs and services to meet individual needs and goals
  • A forum where they can voice concerns or issues as they relate to accessibility

The Vaughan Accessibility Plan

The Accessibility Plan and the Accessibility Policy are tools to help identify how the City will create a barrier-free community with universal access to its programs, services and facilities.

What is considered a ‘disability’?

Under the AODA and Ontario Human Rights Code, a disability includes:
  • Any degree of physical disability caused by bodily injury, birth defect or illness. Examples may include diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, a brain injury, any degree of paralysis, amputation, lack of physical co-ordination, vision or hearing loss
  • A condition of mental impairment or a developmental disability
  • A learning disability, or difficulty understanding or using symbols or spoken language
  • A mental disorder
  • An injury or disability for which benefits were claimed or received under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997

What is a ‘barrier’?

The AODA defines a barrier as anything that prevents a person with a disability from fully participating in all aspects of society because of his or her disability.
Barriers to those with a disability may include:
  • Attitudinal barriers – societal beliefs, negative attitude, stereotyping, stigma, discrimination, etc.
  • Architectural/structural barriers – steps, manual doors, building design, etc.
  • Information or communications barriers – small font, poor text contrast, confusing design of materials and signage, inaccessible websites, etc.
  • Technological barriers – lack of assistive technology for computers, telephones, etc.
  • Policy, procedure or practice barriers – services or systems that are nonexistent or hinder the involvement these people

Click here to visit Vaughan’s Accessbility Page.