2017/2018 Winter Maintenance Program

A closer look at our Winter Maintenance Program…Understanding how it all works

November marked the beginning of the 2017-18 Winter Maintenance season and we have already experienced significant snow related weather events already this winter. With more than 100 vehicles dedicated to removing snow and ice from roads, sidewalks and windrows, citizens travelling in Vaughan are in great hands!

With more than 2,000 kilometres of municipal roadway to maintain, the City of Vaughan uses two contractors to expedite the salting/sanding, plowing, windrow clearing and anti-icing services throughout Vaughan. One contractor begins on the East side of Vaughan while the other begins on the West side. I had the opportunity to visit our Joint Operations Centre to meet the contractors and operate the machinery for a better understanding of the time and effort needed to complete our winter maintenance operations.

As soon as snow or ice begin to accumulate, our salting/sanding crews are out on the City’s main roads. Our goal is to complete this first round of salting on main municipal roads within four hours. Residential roads, including narrower streets like the laneways found behind townhomes, are salted next. The first round of salting on these secondary streets can be expected to be complete within 12 hours.

As soon as five centimetres (two inches) of snow accumulates, our snowplow and windrow crews are out to service the streets. During a snowfall, we’re focused on getting the City’s main roads cleared first – especially for emergency and transit vehicles. Main roads, which are travelled more frequently, are plowed within four hours after the snowfall has ended. Residential roads are plowed within 16 hours after the snowfall has ended. Please keep in mind services may be impacted by heavy snowfall, cars parked on streets and cars parked on driveways that are too close to or hanging over the curb.
The City of Vaughan provides windrow-clearing service for all residential driveways. Windrow machines are designed to clear approximately 80% of snow left by plows at the end of the driveway after the plow has passed. Due to the limited size and reach of the windrow clearing units, they can only clear a portion of the driveway entrance. Our goal is to have windrows cleared within four hours after snowplows have passed.
As soon as five centimetres (two inches) of snow accumulates on public sidewalks, you can expect our crews to start sidewalk plowing. Sidewalks on main roads are serviced first. This includes sidewalks with York Region Transit stops and along schools and places of worship. During a heavy snowfall or a major storm, these main sidewalk routes may be salted and plowed more than once before we move on to sidewalks in residential areas. Sidewalks in residential communities are plowed once sidewalk plowing on main roads is complete. After that our plows service crosswalks, school crossings, paths and walkways within parks and private roads.
For full details on all things winter maintenance at the City of Vaughan, click on the tiles below.

Residents can now sign up to receive alerts on Vaughan’s winter maintenance operations during and after weather events.
Simply visit vaughan.ca, register as a user, and set your alert preference tab on your profile. This is a great tool to keep up to date on all our winter maintenance updates.

Registration Instructions:

  1. Visit vaughan.ca
  2. Click on the “Register” button on the top right hand corner of the page
  3. Click “Get Started”
  4. Fill out your information
  5. Follow the steps to activate your account
  6. Once your account has been activated, log on to the Vaughan website by clicking on the “Log In” button on the top right hand corner of the homepage
  7. Set your alerts by clicking the “Profile” button on the top right hand corner of the page, select the “My Alerts” tab and check mark “SNOW INFORMATION”
For more information about Vaughan’s Winter Maintenance Operations, click here.
Joint Operations Centre
2800 Rutherford Rd.
Vaughan, ON L4K 2N9
SNOW hotline:
905-879-SNOW (7669)