Edgeley Pond and Park in the VMC!

Located at the northeast corner of Highway 7 and Jane Street, Edgeley Pond and Park is the largest City-owned land and open space in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC). As the VMC’s first residential neighbourhood, Edgeley Pond and Park will become the heart of the community and a signature amenity for the new downtown.

The vision is to build a sustainable open space at the centre of the VMC that will function as a hybrid of vital stormwater management infrastructure and create an innovative public space design. This new open space will act as a catalyst for the downtown by supporting its dynamic and fast-paced transformation through innovative ecologically-sensitive stormwater management design, the creation of unique spaces and the seamless integration of parkland amenities which VMC residents and visitors can enjoy.

After an extensive analysis and consultation process, a design concept of sculpted landforms was chosen to define the language of the park and open space, organizing the storm water management, social spaces and ecological areas of the site through the shaping of raised topography along Jane Street and Maplecrete Road, to give the space a unique identity. Some key design elements of the space include:

  • Iconic landforms creating a strong frontage to Jane Street
  • Skating Loop
  • Strong internal continuous pathway circuit
  • Seamless integration of adjacent park spaces
  • Meaningful transitions to adjacent developments
  • Urban plazas at key locations
  • Informal amphitheatre feature
  • Core area for park facilities
  • Community gardens

Here is detailed map of the park design:

Programming of the project will evolve over time as the community takes shape.  As such, the park design will include flexible spaces for a variety of activities.  There will be opportunities for ongoing community input into programming and events as the downtown develops.

For more information, please visit the City of Vaughan’s Edgeley Pond and Park webpage.