Stephen Woo’s Project 99: Paying Tribute to Canadian Diversity

Internationally acclaimed photographer, television producer, director, videographer, editor and cinematographer, Stephen Woo, pays tribute to Canadian diversity as well as the 99 languages spoken in Vaughan, in his latest “Project 99” photography exhibit. In honour of Canada 150 celebrations, Stephen uses Vaughan’s linguistic diversity to showcase inclusivity within our very diverse City.

Although many of the subjects in these portraits were captured during his international travels, these beautiful and thought provoking photographs depict the intrinsic human spirit that contribute to the dynamic character of Vaughan. Stephen feels that “living in Canada, harmonization can sometimes be invisible. Not because it does not exist; on the contrary, it is because diversity flourishes here. We are surrounded by it, immersed in it, and accustomed to it. Cultures here are intertwined; people live and work together, supporting each other.” And his artwork captures the universality of all of his subjects regardless of the ethnic region they represent.

As an Arts major myself, I am a firm believer that the arts play an integral role in shaping the character of any community. The arts keep history alive, offer outlets for social commentary, and encourage education through creativity. It is through the arts that discussion begins, and it is through open and honest discussion that strong communities are built. Project 99 embodies all that the arts can represent and signify, as Stephen Woo captures people in their most truthful settings, demonstrating the humanity in all of us. Stephen’s exhibition is universal, allowing for an honest element of interpretation that can promote discussion on Vaughan’s diversity and how this diversity has shaped what Vaughan has become today.

Thank you Stephen Woo for sharing your wonderful work with the residents and visitors of Vaughan! Stephen Woo’s photography exhibit will be on display at Vaughan City Hall throughout the summer months.

Stephen Woo’s Exhibition:

May 25 – August 25, 2017
Vaughan City Hall
On the Slate Atrium Gallery
Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.