Vaughan’s Spring Maintenance Program 2017

A trending topic coming from residents has been Vaughan’s Spring Maintenance. With warmer temperatures here, residents are ready to get outside and use going using our parks, fields and trails. But when they get outside, they are now seeing what has been hiding under all the snow!

Every year, the City of Vaughan has a Spring Maintenance Program that begins in April. The spring maintenance program includes Parks and Open Space Grass Cutting, Boulevard Maintenance, Tree Pruning and Replacement, Street Sweeping, and Storm Water Management Ponds.

Parks and Open Space Grass Cutting

The City of Vaughan Parks and Forestry Operations Department manages over two hundred parks, and over 800 hectares of parks and open space land.  To ensure a high level of turf maintenance standards, the Parks Department has organized a 14 day turf cutting rotation on park lands that is completed by a contractor. This year, the rotations began on April 10th, so depending on when your local park has been scheduled, the rotation will then occur every 14 days, weather permitting.

A major issue that the City of Vaughan experienced last year was the rapid growth of dandelions. Dandelion season lasts for a couple of weeks, but can become a nuisance because they are rapid growing. Within 48 hours or cutting them down, the other stems that haven’t bloomed, bloom and make it seem like the park has not been cut. This spring, Parks staff has created a pilot project to address the onset of dandelions. This pilot is being introduced to have parks cut in between rotations in the spring, making it every 7 days, to prevent the seeds from spreading and blooming. Dandelion season lasts a few weeks, so please be patient and understanding as we try our best to manage this issue in an eco-friendly and natural way.

Finally, trail systems and other naturalized areas like woodlots and storm water management ponds are maintained by the City and receive appropriate maintenance to preserve a natural habitat.

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Tree Replacement

As you know, over ten thousand trees were lost across Vaughan as a result of the 2013 ice storm and the ongoing damage caused by the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). The City of Vaughan’s previous Tree Replacement program would have approximately 1,500 tree replaced each year. After the ice storm, the City of Vaughan created a tree replacement program that allowed us to replace FOUR TIMES the amount of trees planted every year. We are happy to announce that starting this May 1St, two contractors will be replacing ALL remaining residential trees.

Click here for more information on the tree replacement plan, streets receiving trees and FAQs.


Tree Pruning

The Transportation Services, Parks and Forestry Operations Department follows arboricultural practices outlined by the International Society of Arboriculture when maintaining our city trees. Well pruned trees are healthier (resulting in a longer lifespan), aesthetically more pleasing, and safer. The City of Vaughan uses a block pruning rotation.  If you feel your boulevard tree requires attention, please contact Access Vaughan to create an inspection work order.


Boulevard Maintenance

The Transportation Services, Parks and Forestry Operations Department is responsible for the maintenance of City walkways and pathways, as well as municipally owned boulevards. The Boulevard Maintenance Program includes the regular cutting of grass and 2 scheduled removal of debris and leaves for over 120 hectares of boulevards throughout the City on a 14 day rotation schedule by a hired contractor.

Due to the weather conditions during spring months, the City of Vaughan has created a pilot project to have contractors cut boulevards every 10 days to maintain grass levels. After that, the 14 day rotation schedule will commence in July. Regional roads such as Rutherford, Major Mackenzie, Dufferin and Bathurst are maintained by York Region and residents will need to visit for maintenance schedules.

Click here for more information on boulevard maintenance and schedules.


Street Sweeping

After the long winter months, the City of Vaughan completes street sweeping to remove the salt and debris left behind from winter on our roads. The initial city-wide sweep takes approximately four to five weeks to complete, depending on the weather. The City’s street-sweeping program began on April 18th, 2017 and will continue throughout the summer and into the fall.

There are a few ways that residents can help: (THIS WILL BE A SLIDE)

  • Don’t park vehicles on the road
  • Ensure vehicles do not overhang onto the road
  • Keep basketball or hockey nets off the road and away from the edge of the curb
  • Ensure waste containers are not placed on the road

Click here to view the street-sweeping map which indicates when your area is scheduled for routine cleaning.


Storm Water Management Ponds

Stormwater is rainwater and melted snow that runs off lawns, streets and other land surfaces. This runoff is supposed to be absorbed by plants and soils or make its way back to ponds and streams.

However, hard surfaces — such as pavement, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and roofs — especially in urban areas, prevent this runoff from naturally soaking into the ground. This can cause environmental impacts such as flooding and the erosion of rivers and streams.

That is why there are “manmade” ponds called “STORM WATER MANAGEMENT PONDS” located within subdivisions. Just like its name, these ponds serve to manage water storm water levels and prevent flooding. Many times, residents ask for different types of plants and flowers to be planted, but due to the primary function of these ponds, specific vegetation is planted around these ponds to help absorb stormwater. The City of Vaughan maintains these ponds on “as needed basis” to preserve the natural habitat.