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A forward-thinking vision for a creative cultural space in Vaughan

What’s your vision for art and culture in Vaughan? Don’t forget to share your ideas in the comment section.


A performing arts, design and cultural campus for Vaughan

The City of Vaughan has an amazing opportunity to raise its stature economically and culturally, and create a dynamic urban core that will be attractive to residents and visitors. I have a vision for a performing arts, design and cultural campus in Vaughan, and in 2013 I brought forward a resolution to evaluate the options.

I believe a strong cultural centre will give the City a unique competitive advantage. As a Music graduate myself, I know the value of arts and culture, all that it can bring to our community, and how it can serve as a catalyst for future economic growth. A vibrant cultural scene will see the attraction of new investment. It will generate a vibrancy that appeals to people and shapes a natural creative incubator where creative thought leaders across different sectors can collaborate and bring innovative ideas to life.

My vision for an art, design and cultural campus in Vaughan includes building a performing arts theatre and educational facilities, and facilitating a creative economy-focused hub that serves the needs of all creative industries (performing arts, theatre, music, film and television, visual arts and business and leadership development).

City Playhouse Theatre

City Playhouse Theatre

The evolution of arts and culture: more than museums and art galleries

We are moving in the right direction in realizing this creative vision because we are looking at arts and culture as more than just museums and art galleries. We are recognizing the importance of creative industries, industrial design, knowledge transformation and the use of technology in the redefinition of the arts and cultural landscape. And as Vaughan continues to develop into a world-class city, that rapid development will bring a wave of new residents, visitors, business owners and professionals who are looking for an urban setting that offers opportunities for recreation, inspiration, growth, learning and stimulation.

What’s your vision for art and culture in Vaughan?

On Jan. 21, Vaughan hosted the Culture Talks Summit 2015 — a first step in collecting creative input from the community on how to elevate Vaughan to the next level when it comes to using art and culture to build fun, friendly and stimulating public spaces that will attract people, business and investment.

City Playhouse Theatre Victoria Ballet Performance

Here are some ideas of how others would like to see art and culture incorporated:

  • Environmental art
  • Art integrated into architecture
  • Art galleries
  • Cultural evenings
  • Artists’ hubs
  • Cultural unity in the heart of Vaughan
  • World-class open space
  • Roaming artists
  • Plays, concerts, opera
  • Fountains
  • Pop-up projects
  • Performing arts centre

What’s your vision for art and culture in Vaughan? Please take the opportunity to share your opinion. Our collective ideas will help breathe life and soul into Vaughan’s communities, making us a distinctly unique city rich with arts and culture. Please feel free to contact me via email or on social media with your creative vision for Vaughan.

Ward 4 Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco
Twitter: @4mycommunity


What’s your vision for art and culture in Vaughan? Share your ideas in the comment section below.

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